Jean Monnet Network E-Governance and Digital Transformation in the European Union, ENDE

We are happy to announce that the Jean Monnet Chair led by Professor Aleksandra Maatsch (from the recently established Institute of European Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences), together with partners from several countries, has obtained funds to establish the Jean Monnet Network ” E-governance and Digital Transformation in the European Union, (ENDE)”. Jean Monnet Networks are EU-funded prestigious research networks made up of scientists heading Jean Monnet Centers, Chairs or Modules. The project received funding of EUR 800,000 for a period of 36 months. The coordinator is Professor David Ramiro Troitiño from Tallinn University of Technology.

The main areas of the recently established ENDE network are related to the practical implementation of e-governance in the European Union. The rapid development of digitization not only changes the lives of citizens, but also affects the perception of the European Union and the functioning of institutions such as political parties and national parliaments. The aim of the interdisciplinary project, which combines political and European sciences, economics, law, international relations, and sociology, is to understand these processes, forecast trends and consequences of the ongoing changes. In the ENDE network, the Jean Monnet Chair in Wrocław is responsible for the Digital Politics area. Beyond Aleksandra Maatsch, core members of the JMC team will be involved in the scientific work, i.e. Professor Anna Pacześniak (Institute of European Studies), Professor Karolina Borońska-Hryniewiecka (Institute of Political Science) and Dr. Edgars Eihmanis (Institute of European Studies).